Finding a new theme for your WordPress blog can be an exciting and fun. Just bear in mind where you find it at.

After you have found your dream theme you might consider a specific search on it. Try to make sure you are getting what you expect, especially in the case of paid themes.

It is important to make sure the theme is being downloaded from the original author, or a repository approved by the author, for the best results. This will help ensure you get the most current version of the theme; and, it will help reduce the possibility of extra code being inserted by unscrupulous individuals or organizations.

I’ll use an example of a theme I know well, Desk Mess Mirrored. A Google search will find many pages and numerous entries referring back to people who are using this theme; mentions on WordPress-centric forums; places to download the theme; and, many other venues. The first link (in my case) is where the theme is readily available for download at the WordPress Extend Themes repository:

… plus additional places it can be found or referred to:

The idea here is to research your chosen theme and not necessarily download from the first place, but hopefully download from the best place you find.