Every user added item in WordPress has an identification number assigned to it. An ID that can be used, for example, to include or exclude a page or post from being displayed.

Every post, every page, every category, and every tag have these ID numbers assigned automatically by the WordPress software. ID numbers are also assigned to media items, links, and comments. The reason I am writing this post is to describe how to find these ID numbers. The first is a manual method, and the second is via plugins.

The manual method will work for finding any ID number. I will use it to find a post ID as an example.

  1. Log into the Admin section
  2. Under the Dashboard, the next section contains: Posts, Media, Links, Pages, Comments
  3. Click on Posts
  4. Find the post in the listing that you want the ID number for.
    • Hover your mouse over the post title and look at the status bar at the bottom of your browser window
    • At the end of the line you will see a number; this is the ID number for the post you are looking at.
  5. Make note of the ID

This method can be used for any of the content types listed, that is any post, media, link, page, or comment.

Now that you can find the ID number of an item on your own, it is also possible to install a WordPress plugin that will display some of these ID numbers as a new column on the relevant content listing page. Here is a search you can use at WordPress Extend Plugins: look under tags:id. There are several plugins that can display post ID numbers, page ID numbers, and more.

The one I like is: Reveal IDs for WP Admin It adds a display for most of the common ID numbers. If you need anything beyond those you can always use the manual method I described above.