The WPFirstAid Sample Plugin is a simple plugin designed as a tool to learn from or, in some cases, to build new plugins with. Its real world usefulness is essentially non-existent but it does serve the purpose of showing working code that help sort out the requirements to create a plugin that is widget ready. It is “widget ready” in the sense that the plugin can be used in multiple widget areas, where each instance has and maintains its own options.

Also, since I often refer to this plugin both for my own use as well as a learning tool for others I thought it was about time to update the code so the plugin more closely resembles one that can be submitted to the WordPress Extend Plugins repository. Therefore, I have updated the inline documentation and added an appropriate ‘readme.txt’ file; and, that being the case I will only be recommending the plugin source code be downloaded from my GitHub account. Here is the direct link:

A “ZIP” version of the GitHub repository files can be downloaded; and, the following article may help if you are not familiar with installing a plugin from a downloaded zip archive: Plugin Installation.