Although I consider it to be part of the regular day-to-day active preventative maintenance involved in web site management I still find it time consuming, or better said time wasting, to manage the seemingly never-ending stream of spam comments.

The time has come to step up my proactive measures to reduce spam. As WordPress is my platform of choice I always make sure Akismet is installed and active on every site I manage, but I have decided to also shore up its great work by recognizing some of the more significant (and sometimes not so significant) IP addresses known for producing spam.

The process is really quite simple, although I strongly recommend seeking help with this process if you are not familiar with your Apache server’s .htaccess file and how to correctly write new directives for it. A list of the blocked/banned IP addresses I am using will be maintained in a public Gist at this address:

The above list is based on the hard work and list compiled by Keith Parkansky at

Although this process is very much a black or white system and could possibly block traffic to your site that you may actually want the premise is for the most part one that meets the needs of the greater good.

Again, be very careful when attempting this on your own. It is not likely, but entirely possible, you could block yourself from your own site. If you do not know your own IP address this site will help you sort it out: What Is My IP Address?