What happens when you use the push-button installation of WordPress from your site’s cPanel and then, for whatever reason, forget your username and the (unique?) password you used?

Simple, right? You just click on the “Lost your password?” link from your site’s log in page and there you go; but, what if you never set up an email address on the site to begin with … or forgot it, too? Now what!?

Surprisingly, this just happened and here is a solution … this is an advanced topic and may be more than most user are comfortable with. Please be very careful if you are not familiar with what follows.

I strongly recommend reading everything first, then consider if you need additional help before attempting this at home.

Let’s begin, it’s really quite simple … go to your site and log into its cPanel. The link will look something like: http://example.com/cpanel in most cases.

Now, find the phpMyAdmin icon usually found in the Databases section and click it. This usually opens a new browser tab.

Select the database for your WordPress installation, it is most likely the only one … or should be relatively obvious. (This is one of those points where you may need some help.)

Select the wp_users table … this is often found at the bottom of the list of tables in the database. There will likely be only one user (you) listed.

This is where you need to be careful:  roughly in the middle of the displayed list of entries will be your user details. You will see your “user_login”, an indecipherable string of characters under the “user_pass” column, and a little further to the right you will see your “user_email” (where that came from is a different question).

So, now you have your user name and your user e-mail address, both of which can be changed here. I would suggest you only change the e-mail address to one you actually use although you could use this “random” e-mail address created by the installation (just make sure you have access to e-mails sent to it).

To edit the e-mail address, click on the either the “Edit” or “Inline Edit” link on the same line as your user details and make the necessary change to the e-mail address then click OK.

Now simply go to your WordPress log in screen and if you still do not remember the password you used with the “user_name” from above, you can now easily work with the WordPress “Lost your password?” link.

Good Luck!