Wait! What!? Yes, you can actually forego using the once expected standard of making the “first” line of your child-theme’s stylesheet @import url( "../<parent-theme>/style.css" ); … but only in some scenarios.

The keys to consider are the following:

  • This is not a stylesheet only child-theme; and,
  • There are no primary stylesheet definitions that need to be changed; or,
  • You are adding style definitions elsewhere (think wp_enqueue_style)

Here is a great post about the benefits of adding stylesheet definitions in child-themes using wp_enqueue_stylehttp://kovshenin.com/2014/child-themes-import/

I definitely support this method but that does not mean I discount the “original” method of using @import especially in cases of child-themes that just want to change layout, or font styles, or any other basic aesthetic as examples; and, keep to an absolute minimum the number of files used for the child-theme.

Technically all you really need is the style.css file for a child-theme, but if you want to submit it to the WordPress Theme repository you will also need an appropriate screenshot.png|jpg file as well … and if all you are doing is providing a stylesheet only child-theme you may expect it to be “auto-approved” in the near future.