Often times a plugin author really only knows one language well enough to provide an appropriate translation for the text strings within their plugin … so, why not ask for help?

Going back to a post I wrote a while ago about adding links to the plugin row meta details, why not do that to get some interest from the great translators community of WordPress.

To keep this short and simple, I’ll just post the modified code below. I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader to merge the past and present examples if it fits their needs better.

 * Plugin Row Meta
 * Add plugin row meta by merging array elements into the existing $links
 * array which will then add these elements to the end of the standard
 * plugin row meta details.
 * Also to note, this will not appear while the plugin is not active.
 * @package    WPFA_Sample_Widget
 * @since      0.5
 * @date       March 22, 2014
 * @internal   for use with `plugin_row_meta` hook
 * @param    $links
 * @param    $file
 * @uses       plugin_basename
 * @return array|null
function wpfa_add_plugin_row_meta( $links, $file ) {
    /** Get the plugin file name for reference */
    $plugin_file = plugin_basename( __FILE__ );
    /** Check if $plugin_file matches the passed $file name */
    if ( $file == $plugin_file ) {
         * Using `array_merge` add elements to the `$link` array to be
         * returned. Identifying the link elements in the array will make
         * them clearer if the need arises to review the array entries.
        /** @var array $links - sample element linking to plugin translation page */
        $links = array_merge( $links, array( 'translate_link' => '<a href="https://path/to/your/plugins/translation/page/">' . __( 'Translate to your language', 'wpfa-sample' ) . '</a>' ) );
    } /** End if - plugin file name matched passed value */
    /** Return the `$link` array for use in the `plugin_row_meta hook` */
    return $links;
} /** End function - add plugin row meta */