WordPress isn’t just great software for keeping and maintaining a personal blog but can also be a powerful tool for building and maintaining poker websites as well, whether they’re strategy guides, reviews of the best online poker sites, or forums. WordPress is open-source software so it’s not only free but thousands of developers have created plugins and tools that let you turn WordPress into a content management system for managing all sorts of websites.

Installing WordPress is a snap, and most Web hosts now offer one-click installation that lets even non-technical users get up and running very quickly with their new site. Using pre-existing WordPress themes and widgets enables you to assemble your site piece by piece through a drag-and-drop interface, with the end result being a slick new site that not only looks professionally-designed but also allows you to easily add new content and pages using just a Web browser.

WordPress also has a few cards up its sleeve for anyone using it to build poker sites, as its easier than ever to incorporate a wide range of features and functionality, far past simply adding pages for a PokerStars review or listing available poker bonuses. Developed by the same minds behind WordPress, BuddyPress is similar open-source software that enables site owners to add social networking features to their sites.

Since poker is at heart a social game, creating a pokersite with social networking features such as chat, messaging, and individual blogs for members can be a no-brainer, as it lets poker fans come together in a community setting and share their love of the game. It’s also a snap to install plugins that let users share their favorite hands (with graphics for cards), post the worst bad beat they’ve taken at the tables, and vote on polls and quizzes about what the best way to play certain hands in different situations.

By using all of the WordPress options available to you, a poker website that in the past might have cost thousands of dollars to develop and weeks or months to implement can be created for free, in just a day or two, with no real technical expertise needed. This is great news for both site owners and poker fans, as it means that more and more great poker sites will be created and developed over time.