I have been a WordPress user long before joining a company developing WordPress photo products. Years ago I was doing blogging on and off again because I couldn’t find my voice. Finally one day it hit me… stop trying to find something to blog about and tell people about what you have learned.

I tried many blogging platforms, like Tumblr, Blogger, Posterous and Live Journal. However I kept coming back to WordPress.

The Art of WordPress
Photo by mkhmarketing via Flickr

While switching blog platforms, finding themes and plugins, tons of research was done. I eventually began building my Google Reader (RIP) with a WordPress category. Many of which wound up in my WordPress resources article.

Through the years the WordPress websites I stayed up to date with have changed due to direction changes, closing of sites and so on. However, my list keeps growing as new resources pop up, like WP Daily and PostStat.us.

Every so often, in the WordPress community, rumors pop up about a magazine making their way into the hands of WordPress users. These rumors consist of said physical and digital magazines.

I would never subscribe to a WordPress magazine because of how many free resources there are out there on the Internet already. More specifically, WordPress magazines.

What? Huh?!

Yea, I look at many blogs as digital magazines already. They continue to publish valuable WordPress specific content on a regular basis. They also continue to not charge for it. Places like WP Daily are publishing great content around WP and not charging a reader fee, because of their monetized layout. There are ads at the top, on the side, below and so on. Heck, there is even an add in the RSS feed.

Even with the ads, the value of the content remains the same. Pure original and honest content.

Need another example?

wpMail.me is one of my favorite resources because it’s a weekly email (dare I say weekly emailed magazine?) where some of the most popular headlines that I might have missed, will be included. Like WP Daily, this email is monetized with a couple of ads between headlines.

Do I mind? Not one bit, because the content is valuable.

Do some searching

If you are looking for your perfect resource, then I recommend heading to Google and doing the following two searches.

  • “WordPress news” blog
  • “WordPress news” resource

Between those two searches and the resources article I linked to above, you should be able to bookmark and subscribe to some amazing websites.

I would subscribe to a WordPress magazine

Yup, I am about to contradict myself. I would subscribe to a magazine specific to WordPress with the following conditions:

  • It was a product of Automattic, without too much self promotion. The reason is because it would mean a higher chance of stability.
  • It has few ads, especially few full-page ads. More content!
  • It had regular contributors from the WordPress community.
  • It had 100% unique content that was not yet published on the Internet.

Your turn

It’s your turn. ¬†Would you subscribe to a WordPress magazine? ¬†Comment and share your thoughts.